Monday, August 3, 2009

Saturday, August 7th. BLANK SLATE

BLANK SLATE: Art in The Moment.

Blank Slate is a festival new to Indianapolis which celebrates the art of improvisation.

Musicians and visual artists from around the Midwest will convene at EarthHouse Collective in downtown Indianapolis, to create original, evocative works of art. No scores, no script—just creativity and the imagination unleashed upon a blank slate.

What you won't hear at this festival is anything entirely familiar or pat. All of the musicians involved—from Chicago, to Indy, to New Orleans, to Detroit—bring different influences to bear on their improvisation but steer clear of settling into the established modes of genres. Is it jazz?- yes. Is it rock?- yes. Hip Hop, Musique Concrete…? Yes. It's all of the above and more, in different degrees and at different times.

When visual artists enter the dialogue, it takes on another dimension as musicians will respond not just to sound but visuals, and as musicians and artists alike are informed by each others' improvisation. Video artists and painters will be on hand.

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WHEN: Saturday, Aug. 8th from 4-11 pm. "Open house" style- come any time you like/are able to.

WHERE: EarthHouse Collective. 237 N. East St. (downtown Indy)

HOW MUCH: $10 GEN. admission, which covers the full slate of acts. $7 students + seniors.

The music bill...(with links to sound sample pages)

KBD Sonic Co-Operative (Toledo, Ohio)

James Cornish- trumpet + violin / Marco Navatchkov- reeds / Curtis Glatter- drums (Detroit)

Scribbleclass (Indianapolis)

LA Jenkins- electric guitar (Columbus, OH)

2:30 Clique (Indianapolis)

Ryan Jewell (Ohio)- percussion

Dan Godston- trumpet / Robin Boudreaux- saxophone / Alex Wing - bass / Scott Deal - percussion

Wizards / w. Hasan Abdur-Razzaq- saxophone,

Andy Meyer- bass clarinet/reeds, Gerard Cox- piano

- Video artists Ian Gunn and N_DREW (Andrew Bucksbarg) will be on hand, as will visual artist Cory Salas.

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