Thursday, December 18, 2008


After living with and photographing a coffee growing cooperative in Guatemala and a tea growing cooperative in India, documentary photographer Ida Benedetto inspired both communities to learn from one another by using her photos in a postcard exchange. Her exhibit includes images and handwritten postcards that illustrate daily life, common struggles, and shared hope that fair trade brought to these communities. Learn how these communities put violent struggles behind them and now utilize fair trade business relationships as the means by which they fight for justice in their lives. These two distinct communities, who speak different languages, live on different continents, and practice different religions, have more in common than they ever imagined.

Fair Trade: Postcards in Solidarity photography exhibit is sponsored by The Earth House Gallery, Global Gifts, and The Fair Trade Resource Network.

This Friday, December 19, opening will start at 5:00 pm and will be open through 10:00 pm. Light refreshments will be available and open stage entertainment wll begin at 8:00 pm. The exhibition will be open through January 13, and is located in the Earth House Gallery at 237 North East Street, inside Lockerbie United Methodist Church.

"A Prairie Home Christmas Eve" hosted by Lockerbie Central

On December 24th at 4:34pm Lockerbie Central UMc presents A Prairie Home Christmas Eve, with music and storytelling in the style of the Minnesota Public Radio. We can't promise Garrison Keillor will show up, but you might just find yourself toe-tapping to this unique take on the Christmas story.

Monday, December 15, 2008

EH Film "Best Free Film Series!"

Our grassroots film forum was just recognized as "the best free film series" (see below for the story) by Indianapolis Monthly. Our screenings have become one of the most exciting events in the city.

Free and open to everyone, we have brought cutting-edge filmmakers to town and screened the most important films on our most pressing social issues. Our biggest events have become full blown festivals and a great community of activists, concerned neighbors, artists, church folk, college students, and everyday people have become connected.

In 2009, we plan to take the film series to a whole other level and would love your help and involvement ...

Help Build Earth House Films

The Earth House Film series is on the verge of becoming something special.

Each week (primarily Thursday nights at 7:30 PM), we will be screening documentaries and other important films that explore the most pressing social issues of our time. We also hope to show films from local and mid west filmmakers, great movies from the past, and bring filmmakers to town.

The film forum is entirely community supported.

If you have enjoyed this film series and want it to grow and succeed, please become or have your business or nonprofit become a monthly sponsor of Earth House Films. By financially supporting the film series, your organization will get advertising and mentioned at the screenings, links on our website, emails, and blogs, and get reserved seating for your group on our biggest nights.

Make Your Donation Here

Lockerbie Central and Earth House now have their own secure donation web page. Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor of the film forum. By donating $20, $50, or $100 a month, we can build an amazing movement around film, film making, social justice, and grassroots community. All donations are tax deductible and mention the film forum in the comments section.

From Indianapolis Monthly, December 2008:

Best Free Film Series: Since 2006, the left-leaning congregation at Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church has screened monthly documentaries inside the 125-year-old church. The cost is free, but donations are welcome to see thought-provoking films that have touched on subjects like U.S. agricultural policy and the war in Iraq. In April, it even hosted the two-night Rural Route Film Festival. 237 N. East St., 637-2716,

Friday, December 5, 2008

Screening of "THE GARDEN" with director Scott Kennedy

Earth House Film Forum
Sunday evening 5:00 PM February 15, 2009

Presenting a screening of the documentary film THE GARDEN with director Scott Kennedy, who was just shortlisted for an oscar for this film.

The fourteen-acre community garden at 41st and Alameda in South Central Los Angeles is the largest of its kind in the United States. Started as a form of healing after the devastating L.A. riots in 1992, the South Central Farmers have since created a miracle in one of the country’s most blighted neighborhoods. Growing their own food. Feeding their families. Creating a community.

But now, bulldozers are poised to level their 14-acre oasis.

The Garden follows the plight of the farmers, from the tilled soil of this urban farm to the polished marble of City Hall. Mostly immigrants from Latin America, from countries where they feared for their lives if they were to speak out, we watch them organize, fight back, and demand answers:

Why was the land sold to a wealthy developer for millions less than fair-market value? Why was the transaction done in a closed-door session of the LA City Council? Why has it never been made public?

And the powers-that-be have the same response: “The garden is wonderful, but there is nothing more we can do.”

If everyone told you nothing more could be done, would you give up?

* * *

The Garden has the pulse of verité with the narrative pull of fiction, telling the story of the country’s largest urban farm, backroom deals, land developers, green politics, money, poverty, power, and racial discord. The film explores and exposes the fault lines in American society and raises crucial and challenging questions about liberty, equality, and justice for the poorest and most vulnerable among us.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Earth House on FOX 59!

The Earth House will be featured in the Friday 12/4/08 edition of Fox 59 Morning News, during a segment highlighting fair trade and other alternative options for holiday shopping.
Be sure to tune in around 7:30 am to catch the conversation!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alternative Gift Fair

Go local and green this Christmas at Indianapolis’ first annual Alternative Gift Fair

INDIANAPOLIS, [OCTOBER 26] –On Saturday, November 29th, 10:00AM to 4:00 PM, Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church and Earth House Collective, 237 N. East St., will be hosting the first annual Indianapolis Alternative Gift Fair. A 4:00 PM film showing and 5:00 PM dinner will follow the fair. The day will also include a 7:00 PM holiday concert featuring global music.

Half traditional church holiday bazaar, half farmers’ market, the all day fair aims to be a positive holiday experience. “With the lousy economy and people increasingly conscious of sweatshop-made Christmas presents,” fair organizer Jamie Price says, “the hope is that yuletide shoppers can have a more local, handmade Christmas experience.” Hosted inside the historic downtown church building with an all organic-fair trade coffee shop and art gallery for a community room, local artists, craft makers, bakers, organic farmers, and small retailers will be selling their wares. Shoppers can find a cornucopia of great Indiana goods, including handmade drums, books by local writers, cds by local bands, pottery, paintings, jewelry, Indiana maple syrup, and even soap made from goat milk.

Just as importantly, the fair will feature local social justice nonprofits that work both in central Indiana and globally. “Everybody loves giving gifts and receiving gifts,” Lockerbie Central lay leader Mike Oles said. “This fair allows your Christmas dollars and gifts to have a real impact on the local economy and create positive change.” At the fair, $1.50 will buy a mosquito net for a family in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while a $50 donation can finance a micro-loan in Senegal. There will be plenty of giving opportunities for those doing work locally, too. There will also be an all-organic Holiday goodies bake sale and raffle. Musicians will be playing acoustic Christmas music throughout the day and there will be plenty of activities for the kids.

Who is putting on this event?

*Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church is a progressive, emergent, and lay led United Methodist church located in downtown Indianapolis. The Church is home to Earth House Collective and hosts a fair trade coffee shop.
*The Earth House Collective is a collaboration between artists, activists, small business owners, and community organizations. Dues paying members work together to offer space, support and community for those hoping to make Indianapolis a better place through the arts, wellness and social justice.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

EH Grand Opening a Success

With more than 600 people through the doors both Friday and Saturday, this weekend's earth House Grand Opening was a rousing success!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Earth House featured in NUVO!

Be sure to check out the front page NUVO article about the Earth House Collective!