Monday, March 22, 2010


For Immediate Release: March 22, 2010

Contact: Justin Brady, IndyFringe Marketing Coordinator, 618-210-2201

Experience an explosive performance party as the Earth House Collective and IndyFringe reunite to SPARK A REVOLUTION.

In 2009 Spark A Revolution began to unite the missions of Earth House Collective and IndyFringe through presenting emerging performing artists in a welcoming environment. Spark A Revolution: TwentyTen aims to bring one-time collaborations among Indianapolis theatre, music, and visual artists transforming the amazing three-level space at the Earth House into an interactive experience. Dinner and drinks will be available, so come out for part or make a whole night of it!


Spark A Revolution: TwentyTen

April 9, 5:30 – 11 p.m.

Earth House, 237 N. East St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

Tickets: $l0 students, $7 students

All proceeds benefit the Earth House Collective and IndyFringe. for more info.


5:30 p.m. Doors open

6 p.m. Happy Hour with Fringe Storytelling: Favorite local actors come together to recreate your favorite childhood stories, as you never imagined them before.

7 p.m. Dinner and music by Hat Trix: Musicians form a one-night only ensemble and entertain through improvisation as the whims of audience members are picked from a hat.

9 p.m. Interactive Experience by Know No Stranger: Over 30 innovative artists have teamed up to create an interactive encounter aimed at shedding new light on our modern day obsession – the InterWeb.


Know No Stranger is a collective group of friends, students and artists set on making the city they live in a more enjoyable place by giving the community a good time with inexpensive, local entertainment.

Past events by Know No Stranger have been described as:

“…A visual feast.”

“Comprised of a wide variety of seemingly disparate skits and vignettes, Optical Popsicle left the viewer with a sense of unity and empathy with the human experience.”

“It was advertised as a visual variety show, and it did not disappoint.”

“The show felt very contemporary in its scope of thematic material while maintaining a deeply ingrained sense of nostalgia.“

For more info on Know No Stranger:

The Earth House Collective
is a group of peace activists, conservationists, artists, musicians, Methodists, teachers and many more dedicated to peace, wellness, community and culture on the corner of New York and East streets in downtown Indianapolis. Visit for more info.


IndyFringe enters its 6th year of providing accessible, affordable outlets that draw diverse elements of the community together and inspire creative experiences through the arts. The IndyFringe Theatre now operates year-round at 719 E. St. Clair St and the IndyFringe 2010 festival will run August 19-29. Visit for more info.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Post from Mat Davis, our Earth House Correspondent in Africa

I have been living in Senegal, west Africa for 5 months. I am here with a program called Global Citizen Year( ) and I’m one of the 11 founding fellows. I got the opportunity through an 18 page application. Anyone at the Earth House can verify that because I was running all around Lockerbie trying to get everything together. Typing everything on the computer asking for rides to the post office and any other logistics there were. Without the Earth House I wouldn’t be here.

I have been learning a lot about myself here. There is something about traveling or just being out of your comfort zone in general that opens you up so you can see what makes you tick. My passion, convictions, insecurities, ego but most importantly you will see what makes you who you really are. I don’t mean that in a corny-ass-self-help-book way, I’m foreal! When you have a sense of identity that is authentic there is nothing that can hold you back. I knew this before I left but I didn’t have it.

For example I live in a village called Gorom 2 which is within the rural community of Sangalkam. Here in Senegal the “official” language is French. Or at least that’s what the French think. But actually the language that the people speak is Wolof which the indigenous language only found in Senegal. One of my biggest challenges was how could I be “myself” without my tongue ( which me and everyone around me believed was my strongest asset). And how in the hell was I to learn not one but two languages! In the beginning it was very difficult because I couldn't express myself. That forced me to self-actualize and find different way to let “Mat” shine through. And honestly it wasn’t as hard as I thought, all I had to do is try. I feel so much more well rounded now and I hope that these blogs will give you some inkling into the insights that have come to me here.

-submitted by Mat Davis, Earth House Ambassador to Senegal :)


MOKB & WTTS Indy Underground Present: OK GO
with special guests Earl Greyhound, The Booze

Wednesday April 21, 2010
Doors at 7 PM
All Ages

Tickets are on sale now at:
Purchase tickets with no service charges at The Earth House, Luna
Music and Indy CD & Vinyl

or go directly to brown paper tickets:

Tickets Prices:
$15 Advance
$17 Day of Show