Saturday, February 7, 2009

Indiana Electronic & Experimental Music Exposition

Pattern Hungry Records, along with Audio Reconnaissance, will be hosting the
Indiana Electronic & Experimental Music Exposition at the Earth House Collective (237 N. East St.) on Saturday, February 28 , 2009 from 7-11 pm. The Ben Ishmael Revival,
a groove based quartet started by electronica pioneers John Tuttle and Kaiton Slusher, headlines
with Amtrak, The Glitch Clique, and Surreal Estate rounding out the bill.

Alongside the music will be live video by local animator Gibson Thorne and multi-media artist Ian Gunn.

The Ben Ishmael Revival has played recent shows at the Casba and at Birdy’s Bar and
Grill. Theirs is a rockin’ electronic experiment that should not be missed. The Revival is a hard
working group that brings something special to every performance. You must see it to believe it.

Amtrak hails from Morehead, KY. Flipping many styles from House to IDM with equal
mastery, it’s debut EP, "In Transit" has garnered national attention in the underground. Still a
relatively new group - began in 2005 - there is certainly a bright future ahead for Amtrak.

Conceived in 2004, the Glitch Clique is returning to action after a two-year absence.
Featuring the infamous Eric Brown of Audio Recon on everything from samples to drums to
vocals in a duet with jazz composer Bob Wilson – horns, piano, and birdcalls – the Glitch Clique
will surely be a very impressive improvisational performance of sound and music.

Surreal Estate is a mix of the sounds of space sifted through synths, classical keyboards
and violin. “Shake with ice and make the best damndest space martini you have ever had,” says
group founder Kelly Sheets.

A great group of people will be serving coffee and food downstairs. Come one and all to see the Indiana Electronic & Experimental Music Exposition.
-Dan Marquis (

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