Friday, February 26, 2010


Dear Earth House-ers,

Happy 2010! We haven't posted in a while but we've been working on revamping the current membership benefits, organizing volunteering opportunities, and expanding the Earth House's potential! Check out the details about new membership policies and benefits by clicking on the JOIN icon on the Earth House's homepage. We have added a volunteer membership position to the membership types! The volunteer opportunities will be shared through a monthly email and anyone interested should email Kate at Below is a brief list of FAQs to help guide any interest in volunteering, donating, event-planning, etc.


How do I become a member?

Ask a Barista for a Membership Application. Fill out the application and turn it in to an EH barista. The operations manager will contact you upon receiving your application. EH offers individual, organizational, and teacher memberships.

How do I know when volunteers are needed for events or projects?

1) Make sure you gave us your email address.

2) Check your email for the monthly letter outlining volunteer opportunities for that month.

3) Respond to that email with your availability and opportunities of interest.

4) Come to the monthly members meeting!

How do I get involved with the film series or concerts?

Start by emailing to receive the monthly volunteer email. Work the door, be a host or hostess, help run orders, help with set-up or tear down.

How do I start a class at Earth House?

Fill out a membership application and turn it in to an EH barista. The operations manager will contact you upon receiving your application.

How do I book an event at or rent space at Earth House?

If you are a member, organization, or a teacher, email

All other inquiries can be directed to

How do I advertise in the “Weekly Edition” e-newsletter?

Send an email to

How do I obtain the EH logo for my flyers?

Send an email to requesting the brand guidelines.

How do I know what donations are needed?

1) There is a list posted in the foyer at the entrance, 2) Make sure you marked “yes” to receive the monthly volunteer/needs email, 3) Come to the members meeting!

How do I coordinate a volunteer work day?

Send an email to with the details of your proposal!

Thanks for continuing to support the Earth House Collective and we hope to see you soon!


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