Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ART OPENING: Earth to Mike Graves

Earth House Modern Art Gallery presents:
Earth to Mike Graves
Recent collaborative works by Mike Graves & the BRIDGE Collective. An Artist Reception will be held March 20th from 5-11PM.

Contemporary American artist Mike Graves, born in Indiana. Extensive travel with his military family provided much influence and cultural diversity for many years before he made his way back to Indianapolis in 1992 to attend Herron School of Art where he studied sculpting and painting for two and a half years. Through his passion for art and his life experiences, he has developed an artistic identity that includes: painter, sculptor, musician.

Mike feels that he was born to be an artist; it comes natural to him, it makes him happy. He is a founding member of the BRIDGE Collective, a collaborative organization of artists, featuring an extensive selection of works. He has enjoyed success showing in galleries and participating in art and music events on local and national levels. Goals for the future are to continue to have fun, make a living thru art and music, and to take his art to an international audience. In his own words: "I think of my work as a free flowing experiment in motion. Utilizing collage elements, painting and mixed media, my mission is to produce work which will relate to and inspire the modern mind."

The Earth to Mike Graves Exhibit runs through April 13th.

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