Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alternative Gift Fair

Go local and green this Christmas at Indianapolis’ first annual Alternative Gift Fair

INDIANAPOLIS, [OCTOBER 26] –On Saturday, November 29th, 10:00AM to 4:00 PM, Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church and Earth House Collective, 237 N. East St., will be hosting the first annual Indianapolis Alternative Gift Fair. A 4:00 PM film showing and 5:00 PM dinner will follow the fair. The day will also include a 7:00 PM holiday concert featuring global music.

Half traditional church holiday bazaar, half farmers’ market, the all day fair aims to be a positive holiday experience. “With the lousy economy and people increasingly conscious of sweatshop-made Christmas presents,” fair organizer Jamie Price says, “the hope is that yuletide shoppers can have a more local, handmade Christmas experience.” Hosted inside the historic downtown church building with an all organic-fair trade coffee shop and art gallery for a community room, local artists, craft makers, bakers, organic farmers, and small retailers will be selling their wares. Shoppers can find a cornucopia of great Indiana goods, including handmade drums, books by local writers, cds by local bands, pottery, paintings, jewelry, Indiana maple syrup, and even soap made from goat milk.

Just as importantly, the fair will feature local social justice nonprofits that work both in central Indiana and globally. “Everybody loves giving gifts and receiving gifts,” Lockerbie Central lay leader Mike Oles said. “This fair allows your Christmas dollars and gifts to have a real impact on the local economy and create positive change.” At the fair, $1.50 will buy a mosquito net for a family in the Democratic Republic of Congo, while a $50 donation can finance a micro-loan in Senegal. There will be plenty of giving opportunities for those doing work locally, too. There will also be an all-organic Holiday goodies bake sale and raffle. Musicians will be playing acoustic Christmas music throughout the day and there will be plenty of activities for the kids.

Who is putting on this event?

*Lockerbie Central United Methodist Church is a progressive, emergent, and lay led United Methodist church located in downtown Indianapolis. The Church is home to Earth House Collective and hosts a fair trade coffee shop.
*The Earth House Collective is a collaboration between artists, activists, small business owners, and community organizations. Dues paying members work together to offer space, support and community for those hoping to make Indianapolis a better place through the arts, wellness and social justice.

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